A revolution occurs when ordinary people capture an extraordinary vision of what God can do. At Newton Fellowship we invite you to join us in a revolution that chooses everyday to love God and love others with our all. We believe that if we choose to make this day all that it can be then friends are made, violence ends, children have hope, marriages grow stronger. Make this day count!

Tropical Leaves


What if there was one principle that would make us right with God and make this world a better place?  Fortunately, the greatest person ever was asked this exact question.  Jesus said that the secret to life is “Love God with all your heart, soul, strength and mind” and to love our neighbours as ourselves.  For Jesus, this radical love for God and others led Him to take our place upon the cross and to become the saviour of the world.  For us, it means that we value this call to live by the revolutionary concept of loving God and others with everything.